​5 Exterior Home Design Tricks That You Must Know


Garage Doors

Before finalizing your garage door choice, familiarize yourself first with its safety measures, insulating properties, cost, warranties and material durability. You can either research on everything all by yourself, or hire the services of an interior design firm in Malaysia. After learning about the mechanics, it’s time to have fun with the selection process.


Windows provide a glimpse to your home’s soul. So, in choosing the right windows for your residential property, check the most durable ones. Apart from durability, you must also settle with the ones that will fully complement the overall design of your home. You should also keep the following aspects in mind ease of cleaning outdoor views

Artificial lighting

Proper lighting is important for evening appeal and home safety. Why not add exterior lighting fixtures to the patios, porches and walkway areas? Go for those lighting fixtures that fully complement the style of your home. If you are a beginner, getting your house done can be daunting, though it can also be an exciting task, most especially lighting selection.

Form and Function

The purpose of every home building project must be very design’s starting point. Thus, it’s important to ask yourself about your home’s purpose. Take into account your family’s needs and lifestyle. Furthermore, always consider that outdoor designs must completely match that of the interior.


The correct roof for your home will not only appear stylish. It is also safe and practical. When it comes to materials, take note that tile and slate may appear great, but they are actually expensive and heavy to maintain. See to it that the structure of your house can carry all the load.

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