5 Luxury Home Exterior Improvements You Will See This 2020


Patios and Decks

The patio and deck industries are rapidly booming in the United States. More and more luxury homes are incorporating these features. If you want to start another home improvement project, this is an affordable, simple one that you can explore.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Are you interested in putting an outdoor fireplace in your property? For many people, outdoor fireplaces are nothing but decorations. It serves no other purpose–just for aesthetics. Clearly, you can never beat the heat of the great outdoors. However, this 2020, expect it to be more prevalent among wealthy homeowners.

Solar Panels

The international shift towards the use of solar panels is in complete effect. In fact, California mandated that newly built houses from this year onwards must install solar panels. It appears like other states are thinking of following it. Semper Solaris, a solar firm in San Diego, can confirm this from their first-hand experiences.


Several gardeners have greenhouses where they take care of their plants. This year, the concept of a backyard greenhouse is set to start. More and more luxurious properties would have greenhouses inside them. Most probably, in around a decade, you will see them more often in nice neighborhoods.

Waterfalls, Ponds and Pools

Admit it. It’s awesome to have a little body of water in your residential property. Each one of us can attest to its every growing popularity. This is just one of the best home improvement projects that you can invest in. Hiring an interior design firm in Malaysia can be expensive, but trust me, it’s worth the investment.

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