Everything You Should Know about Scorpios

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Scorpio may be the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Scorpio was born from October 23 to November 22 and Gemini is the highest sign that everyone likes to hate, they are known to be extremely reserved, so they do not intimidate. Let’s be true, Scorpio, you like yourself low-key! Your Scorpio friend keeps her Facebook, Instagram as well as personal life a secret. In a culture that is so obsessed with oversharing, not going public will only increase the Scorpio conspiracy. But the real secret to our fixed water signs is that they are actually not as difficult to read as everyone seems to think. If you let Scorpio open up, they won’t think twice. It’s just that no one asks! Therefore, let us understand the depths of Scorpio’s personality. 


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  • Passionate

If they are interested in you, then they will like you and they will want to know everything about you. They like sex, they are very physical, they do not do “leisure” activities, they are very cautious. Sometimes this intense love can become more controlled, but it comes from a place that wants to protect you, thinking that they know you best, believing that you are too precious a kitten to relax in this world. Sometimes it’s unbelievable … sometimes it’s too much.


  • Determined

Determination is among the key characteristics of Scorpio. When Scorpio wants something, he will do his best and will not back down. Once Scorpios have made up their minds, there is nothing to stop them, and they have unrivalled focus when pursuing their goals.


  • Curious

Scorpio is not afraid of anything. The more morbid, distorted, gory, disturbing it is, the more they need to know. Anything unresolved, mysterious, or hidden will draw them like moths to fire. Some people end up involved in dangerous and dark lifestyles, some flirt with mysterious things, some people transform this courage into heroic roles and jobs, while the rest of us will escape.


  • Honest

Scorpios are absolutely honest. They constantly speak the truth, regardless of the circumstances, and despise lies. They despise thieves and cheaters because they are just as genuine with themselves as they would be with others.


  • Loyal

Despite their feared characteristics, there is no one better to have on your side. Plus, in your corner than a Scorpio, who is fiercely protective and devoted to those they respect. Whether you’re going to attack them or their property, be sure you don’t miss. They don’t forgive or forget because they’re ice cold like that. And they’ll take quite a long time to just get you back, but they’ll get you back.


  • Ambitious

Scorpio, as we all know, is a powerful sign. They work hard to achieve their objectives even when they are facing problems in life and set high standards for themselves. Scorpios refuse to accept or put limitations in their lives, and they’ll never listen to anyone who tells them that they can’t have what they desire. For instance, if they want to own a live casino online in Malaysia, then they will do anything to achieve it.

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