Health Benefits Of Living Near The Ocean


Surely, I’m not the only one who dreams of living near the ocean one day. To be able to just go out and enjoy the sand and ocean is the life I want to live. There are even a lot of health benefits of living near the ocean such as:

You Sleep Better

There’s research to back up why you feel sleepier or more rested after a trip to the beach. Sea air is beneficial for us since it is generally cleaner and fresher, with higher oxygen levels, which might help you sleep better. We have hormones called serotonin, more known as our happy hormones. The negative ions in sea air contribute to the balance of your serotonin levels, speeding up your ability to absorb oxygen.

Improves Your Mental Health

Scientific research shows that people who live nearer to the sea have little to no symptoms of mental health issues. A research study in England on 48 million adults showed that where they lived affected their mental health. Those who lived nearer to the coast experienced less stress compared to those living farther away. This was proven when the same group of people who experienced less stress near the coastal area were moved further away and the effect sort of turned around and they did show more signs of stress. This can probably be because of the previous health benefit which is about the sea air helping you sleep better. Better sleep contributes a lot to better mental health. Thus, living near a coastal area improves your mental health.

Easy Body-Healer 

Alongside mental health benefits, another potential benefit of living near the sea is improved physical health. Minerals like magnesium, chloride, salt, potassium, iodine, and sulphur are abundant in seawater, and many of them have skin-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. A 1999 study in Germany discovered that the combination of seawater with UVB light can help with skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. A mist of saline water is also present in the sea air, which appears to have a relaxing effect on the mucosal lining of the respiratory system. People who suffer from sinusitis, for example, may benefit from living near the sea. This is also proved since saline water is used to treat new piercings, helping them heal quicker. Most injuries can heal faster when you live by the ocean.

Side note: Europe is a beautiful continent full of beaches you can live on or live nearby.

Healthier Lifestyle Overall

A 2014 study in the UK showed that living near the sea boosts your odds of being fitter and healthier than those who don’t. This is largely due to the fact that those who live near the sea engage in more physical exercise. Moreover, if you live within 1km of the English shore, you’re more likely to exercise consistently, according to the study. The sea does, of course, provide opportunities for swimming during the summer months. Even in countries like Malaysia, people take scuba packages Malaysia so that they can go scuba diving when they want. The ocean also provides opportunities for other water sports like sailing and surfing all year. Similarly, jogging, running, and trekking along the coast are excellent ways to stay in shape. You get to exercise while breathing in the sea air. 

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