How To Overcome The Feeling Of Nervous

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Whether it is presentation, public speaking, or interview it is normal for everyone to feel nervous. In fact, the feeling of nervousness is what will encourage us to do our very best at any of these events. However, even though the feeling of nervousness is common it is also important for us to overcome this feeling. The main important thing to have when we are doing a presentation, public speaking, or anything that requires us to talk is confidence. 

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Here are some of the tips on how to overcome the feeling of nervousness. 


Talk To Yourself 


I know this is going to sound weird but, talking to yourself before any big event that you are nervous about. Can help you to overcome the feeling of nervousness. Obviously, you are not going to be talking like you are having a conversation with someone but it’s more like you are calming yourself. 




When you are feeling nervousness it is important to correct the way you breathe. By breathing correctly it can help you to overcome the butterflies in your stomach. One of the best breathing techniques that a phycologist has introduced to the world is circular breathing. This is when you are holding your breath until it finish the circle and you’ll slowly let it out. 


Distract Yourself 


The best way to forget about your nervous feeling is by distracting yourself. There are many ways that you can do to distract yourself and one of them is by playing a relaxing game on your phone. You can even play online game casinos on mega 888 to help to calm you down. 


Acknowledge The Feeling 


The feeling of nervousness is normal and everybody feels it. Instead of pretending that the feeling is not there, it is best if you acknowledged the feeling of nervousness. By acknowledging the feeling, it will help you to overcome it better. 


Avoid Drinking Caffeine 


I get it, coffee is good and we all need it every morning to get us through the day. But if you have any important presentation or talk and you are feeling nervous, it is better for you to avoid drinking coffee or and caffeinated drink. This is because caffeine can make you feel more nervous and jittery. And that is the last thing you want before any big or important event.




Whatever events that you have, it is best for you to have tons of practice. This is because even though you are feeling nervous you’ll still be confident in yourself that you are able to do it but if you have no practice you will be nervous because you know that you are not able to do it well. That is why practicing speaking before any big event is important because it will help you to be less nervous and more confident in yourself. 


Believe In Yourself 


Nobody can make you feel confident except for yourself. You have come this far and you’ve done everything that you can. So, now all you have to do is have faith in yourself and know that you can do this no matter what everybody says. 


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