Promoting Healthy Lifestyles In Neighborhoods 


Health and neighborhood are interlinked. This is because our healthy lifestyle is greatly influenced by environmental factors. The environment we surround ourselves in and live in, that is our home in Rawang and the neighborhood has a huge role in how we perceive health promotion. Our environment should include equipment and tools that bring awareness to people about health precautions and healthy consumption.

Many neglect health promotion in the neighborhood because they are unaware of the characteristics of a neighborhood that affect the health of both men and women. Several studies have been conducted to study if a healthy lifestyle can be built simply on willpower and personal characteristics or you need the external influence of your neighborhood for further motivation. It may not be true for everyone but the neighborhood characteristic often define our healthy habits. If the neighborhood has clean eating grocers, a lot of biking lanes, and exercise stations, it is likely that we are motivated to use these tools. 

With the importance of healthy settings in mind, let’s talk about different ways we can promote healthy lifestyles in the neighborhoods 

Using The Power Of Illustrations

One of the most effective ways to combat health neglect in the community is using the power of illustrations to promote healthy lifestyles. Illustrations do the purpose of spreading information in a manner that is easily recalled, memorized, and has a strong impact on the individual. Continuous exposure to such illustration carves a subliminal consciousness towards healthy lifestyles.  


Community Health Care Centres

Having health care and community centers in the neighborhood is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Medical care in the neighborhood or health centers with medical aid often carries out activities that promote health in the neighborhood. Health outcomes of a neighborhood drastically change as a result of medical assistance availability and this does have a reflection on the healthy lifestyle in the community. 

Exercising Parks And Lanes 

This is one of the more obvious steps we can take to ensure a neighborhood promotes health placing exercising stations, parks to exercise and get some movement going is a great way to ensure the community remains active. Even if we dont use the parks and spaces in Rawang for exercise, having such open spaces encourages people to take longer walks, reduce their dependency on vehicles and get going in the open areas. They take walks with their family, run around with their dogs, take out children for evening strolls or even have an actual exercising session by themselves. 

Conducting Community Programs. 

Having open space means more and more opportunities to conduct community empowering programs. When designing a neighborhood it is important to create space that allows for group activities and exercise. Ti is a great way to encourage more people to empower one another to be healthy and practice healthy consumption.

Healthy lifestyles do not happen overnight but it certainly helps if we have an empowering neighborhood and community to help us reach our fitness goals. It is important for communities to come together when it concerns our health. 


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