Valuable Tips For Your Time Fibre Internet


There are a lot of us on the internet right now and this advice is simply a logical extension of the peak or off-peak principle. In fact, during the day, the network is much more busy than at night, so we advise you to limit your downloads during the day and to do them at night instead. For example, if you have automatic updates, turn them off and schedule them manually after 11 p.m. The Use of Time Internet comes most useful here. Check out this broadband through https://jomapply.com/unifi/.


Best practices for using the 4G network

Limit the use of 4G

The systems repatriate as many things as possible on fixed networks, which are more robust, more stable and whose resources are dedicated.” If you have an internet box at home, it is better to connect to the Wi-Fi of your box rather than using your 4G network which may be saturated at the moment. Of course, if you don’t have a choice, use your 4G network. However, pay attention to your mobile plan because your internet volume may be used quickly. 

The speed of an ADSL connection depends mainly on:

  • Your living area
  • Of the chosen subscription
  • Principle of the speed of an ADSL connection

Avoid HD / 4K video playback

Keeping busy during this confinement, when teleworking is impossible, often involves watching films, series and other types of videos. To be able to continue to enjoy this type of content, video streaming platforms such as Netflix or even Youtube have already lowered the speed of their videos. To go in this direction, it is better to watch your videos in low / medium definition rather than in HD or 4K. This will use less bandwidth.

Call through your box

Finally, it may seem obvious, but we often forget that we can call with our landline. Indeed, during this period of confinement where everyone is at home, it is advisable to make your calls from your box (if you have one). This will limit the use of the 4G network and prevent network problems for those who really need it. 

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